21 March 2022

December 2021 Newsletter

This month’s report illustrates one of the reasons why I still love this industry. After 32 years of being a licensed Realtor, the industry is always full of surprises. Very often, people quote, “history repeats itself.”  It’s pretty hard to find historical data that illustrates that history is repeating itself in the Okanagan Shuswap Real Estate market. This is all new territory. Everything points towards, “We should be slowing down.”  It is the time of year that things slow down, interest rates are rising, which should slow things down, and consumer confidence is at least skeptical as to whether this market can sustain itself. People are expecting a slowdown. I learned long ago not follow rhetoric or interpretations based on fear like, “The bubble has to burst.”  The stats don’t lie, and they never will. What’s happening in the statistics in the real estate market? They are rising.

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